National Family Week



Timescope – The Early Eons is an extremely interactive historical timeline featuring the early development of music/dance, arts/crafts and horsepower/transportation during the Antiquities.  Included are chariots of various eras, a Roman Chariot drawn by Percherons, camels and elephants, as well as pony and donkey rides; traditional music and dance performances such as didgeridoos, lyres, rain sticks, conch shell horns, and Balinese, Polynesian and Native American Dance, and more; art and craft demonstrations with opportunities to create petroglyphs, leather head bands, wheat dollies, and much more to take home;  and limbo, hula, belly dance and stilt walking contests. 
As you can see, our event is entirely educational and children and their parents will have opportunities to try out together many different dances, musical instruments, art projects and crafts. 
Our goal is to encourage family togetherness and solidarity during National Family Week, in a setting that is fun, exciting, creative and educational! 
As a Celebration community outreach, we plan to make related educational materials and presentations by our performers and artists available to local schools and child/youth groups.
We intend for this to be an annual  event.  For the first three years we will focus on specific historical eras.  Eventually, we will combine all the historical eras into a very large event.

We welcome donors, sponsors, participants and volunteers!
For more inormation about our National Family Week Celebration, please visit our website at: or contact RWC at: or 323/375-9225.